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Why I Paint Faceless People

August 16, 2017


     When I first began painting, I thought that I wanted to paint portraits. My first attempt was amateurish, to say the least! I doubted whether or not I should continue trying to paint faces.


     I ran out immediately to the book store and bought a couple books on skin tones and how to paint in oils. I finished two paintings before I found myself completely uninspired by painting from photos. I decided that I wanted to paint from my imagination!


     So my first forays into that arena involved several abstract pieces, of which, only a few survived not being painted over! Not long after, I had this idea for a painting which involved a highly simplistic, three-quarter view of a woman with her back to the viewer against a red background. The name of this piece, is "La Mujer en Rojo" ( The Lady in Red) and it has long since sold.


     After this piece, I painted other pieces in which I began to turn the form to face the viewer and I simply left off the facial features. As I began to paint these pieces and to show them publicly, I was simply amazed at all the positive responses!


     You see, because the paintings had no facial features, that made it easy for people to project their own stories into my paintings! They would tell me how each painting reminded them of their loved ones! So, of course, I began painting more of them and eventually began selling my faceless paintings.


     If you are interested in purchasing any of my creations that I've labeled as available for sale, in my "Collections" page, please feel free to email me with the title of the one you want to purchase and we can begin making arrangements for you to purchase your favorite piece!



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